Watching Nature

Having my trail cam set up on our property in varying sites has proven to be a really enjoyable and interesting experience.  There’s something so mellowing about watching a scene of innocent animals going about their day to day routines without me lurking in the bushes and causing them anxiety and stress.

However – sometimes – the resulting footage exists entirely of hours of grass blowing in the wind and clouds moving along the sky.

But  – other times – you can capture an exciting surprise!

Check out my gallery “Lively Life” for more trail cam times featuring the wildlife on my home property.

Be looking for my absolute favorite to date….the one featuring a small group of deer. How sweet to have the one doe choose to rest right in front of my lens….giving me the fun of viewing her and her mates interact without imposing the fear of human presence.

Published by colleengberg

I retired from a long banking career last year. Not many of us out there anymore that have put in four decades with one employer. Loyalty is less of a sought-after value in the workplace of today. So, one of the many reasons that it was time for me to leave the workforce. The main reason, however, was to spend my energies where I feel complete, needed and valued. That is at home on the ranch with my husband, our livestock, our dogs, cats and horses. What could be more fulfilling than home and hard work and a little bit of rest and relaxation?

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